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Exclusive ESSO Bulk Fuel Discount Fleet Card Program for CapitaLand Employees

In a special negotiated deal, CapitaLand employees can enjoy an upfront of 18% off fuel (Petrol & Diesel) pump prices! 

Payment is now cashless, and on top of that, Esso has the largest petrol station network in Singapore with 62 outlets island-wide! Why wait? Sign up NOW!


Why use the Abecha Esso Fleet Card/Speedpass?

Abecha Pte Ltd, in partnership with ExxonMobil, started offering the Esso Corporate Fleet Discount Program in 2003 to all our E-business communities as well as to their Corporate Employees. Over the years, the base of fleet card holders has grown to more than 18,000.



Lead Time to Receive Fleet Card/Speedpass

Upon successful submission, you will receive the Fleet Card/Speedpass mailed to your registered address within 3-4 weeks' depending on your payment mode. It may take a longer time to recieve the fleet card/speedpass as additional time is required for the bank to process and approve the GIRO application.

Mode of Payment 

Use ONLY the Fleet Card or SpeedPass at the Petrol Kiosk. 18% upfront discount applies if payment mode is by GIRO, for credit cards, the upfront discount will be 17%. The payment will automatically be charged to the registered GIRO account or credit card. We will bill your transactions on a weekly basis and the invoice will be sent to your registered email address before the deduction date.

Subscription/Registration Fees

All subscription/registration fees are permanently waived.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

For more information, please visit our FAQs here. Alternatively, you can email to or call (+65) 6333 1188 for assistance or roadshow enquiries.

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