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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)


1. How do I apply for an ABECHA ESSO Fleet Card/Speedpass?

You can submit registration online OR download the manual registration form from the portal.

2. Can I apply for the card if the car is not registered under my name?

Yes, you can apply.

3. How long will it take to process my application?

Your application will be processed immediately upon completion of application. Fleet card, pin number or speed pass will be mailed to your address within 10 working days.

4. Can I apply for more vehicles?

Yes. We will send you a set of Fleet card, Pin Number and Speedpass for every vehicle you register. If you wish to tag these additional vehicles to your existing account, you just need to fill in multiple vehicle number.
If you want the additional vehicles to be under a separate account, all you need to do is to forward the registration page to your family or friend and let them fill in the registration form accordingly.

Refundable Security Deposit

1. Why do I need to pay a $100 refundable security deposit?

We ask customers to secure their account to ensure that we will have the resources available to continue providing reliable service to all customers. Unlike most other businesses, we provide credit limit upfront and bill our customers after they have used our services. This billing and deposit practices promote fairness by ensuring that all customers pay for the fuel they use so that all our customers can continuously enjoy the preferential discount.

2. When will be the security deposit deducted?

The security deposit will reflect on your first bill and will be deducted from your registered payment mode when fleet card(s) is issued.

3. How do I get back my refundable $100 security deposit?

Your security deposit will be refunded as soon as all outstanding and final charges due to ABECHA have been settled.


4. Can the deposit used to offset outstanding amount / penalty charge?


No, the refundable security deposit will not be used to offset any outstanding payments.

Usage of Fleet Card/SpeedPass

1. Do I need to activate the Fleet Card and Speed Pass and how to activate?

No activation is required for Fleet Card, it can be used immediately with the 4-digit pin. Speedpass needs to be activated before you can use it. When Speedpass arrives, kindly put your name, sign and fax the activation letter to Esso Speedpass Centre at 68626601 or send the activation letter as an attachment to

2. How do I use the Fleet Card or Speedpass at the pump?

Fleet Card

a. Swipe the card and key in 4-digit pin to activate pump.

b. The pump icon will light up indicating that your Fleet Card is being read. Wait for the approval message on the screen. Choose your Synergy fuel product and top up. Replace nozzle and the pump icon lamp will go off. If you need a receipt, press ‘receipt’.

c. That’s it! Your Esso Fleet Card will be billed on weekly basis.


a. Point key tag to activate pump.

b. The pump icon will light up indicating that your Speedpass is being read. Wait for the approval message on the screen. Choose your Synergy fuel product and top up. Replace nozzle and the pump icon lamp will go off. If you need a receipt, press ‘receipt’.

c. That’s it! Your Esso Fleet Card will be billed on weekly basis.

3. Can the Fleet Card/Speedpass be used for other purchases?

No. The Fleet Card can only be used for fuel purchases at ESSO.

4. Is there a limit to the number of transactions per day?

Yes, 2 transactions can be made per day on either your Fleet Card or your Speedpass, which allows you a maximum of 4 transactions a day. This is an ExxonMobil security feature to minimize unauthorized usage due to lost or stolen cards.

5. What is the credit limit of my Fleet Card/Speedpass and how can I change credit limit?

By default, the monthly credit limit is SGD 800 for each vehicle. The transaction will be stopped if you exceed your credit limit. However, you can email us at to change your credit limit.

6. Is there a minimum spending required per month?

No, there is no minimum spend.

7. Is there any expiry date for the card?

A Fleet Card has a 4-year validity period and all active transacting cards will be renewed automatically. You will receive a new card within one month of your Fleet Card expiry date. Your Fleet Card and Speedpass will be deactivated if there are no transactions for 6 consecutive months.

8. Will I earn "Smiles" points with purchases under Fleet Card?

No, the Abecha-Esso Fleet Card provides upfront discount.

9. What if I have changed my personal details, eg. Vehicle number, mobile number or mailing address?

You can email us at to update your personal information.

10. What if I lost my Fleet Card &/or Speedpass?

You would have to call Abecha’s hotline at 63331188 Option 1 to request to deactivate the Fleet Card &/or Speedpass immediately. Alternatively, you can email and the Fleet Card &/or Speedpass would be deactivated within 1 business day. A replacement Fleet Card &/or Speedpass will be sent to you at your mailing address within 10 working days.

11. What if I lost/forget my pin number for the Fleet Card?

You can email to request for a new pin number. Kindly provide the fleet card no., vehicle no. and mailing address. A new pin no. will be sent to you within 7-10 working days. Please note that if you key-in your pin no. more than 3x incorrectly, your fleet card will be temporarily suspended and it will only reset after 24 hours.

12. Can the PIN of the fleet card be changed?

Yes, provided that upon card creation your fleet card have an option to change the original pin number.


Billing and Deduction

1. When do you charge my GIRO or Credit Card?

We bill your transactions on a weekly basis. An Abecha-Esso Invoice will be sent to your email address.

  • Transactions made between 1-7 of the month will be billed on the 13th,

  • Transactions made between 8-14 will be billed on the 20th,

  • Transactions made between 15-21 will be billed on the 27th,

  • Transactions made between 22-30/31 will be billed on the 6th of the following month

Please be informed if it falls on a Saturday, deduction will be on Friday; if it falls on a Sunday deduction will be on next Monday and if it falls on a Public Holiday, deduction will be on the following working day.
On your monthly bank or credit card statements the charges will reflect as “Abecha” most likely on the 13th, 20th, 27th and 6th (if you made any fuel consumptions within those billing period mentioned above).

 2. Why the Abecha-Esso discount doesn’t show on the Esso Station receipt at the pump station when I used my Fleet Card/Speedpass?

The discount will be applied and adjusted to your Abecha-Esso bill on the next billing cycle.

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