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Esso Smiles Private Hire Card T&C and PDPA

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By using the Smiles Private Hire Card above, you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions  mentioned in the following link:, and to the General Notification on Personal Data Collection, Use & Disclosure for Smiles Members (see below), including paragraph (d), and the foregoing may be amended from time to time without specific notice to you.  


General Notification on Personal Data Collection, Use & Disclosure for Smiles Members

(a) ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. ("ExxonMobil") may collect the Cardmember's personal data in the Smiles/Speedpass application form or any time thereafter in connection with the Cardmember's participation in the Smiles Driver Rewards ("Smiles") Programme ("Programme") or otherwise as part of the ongoing services (including, but not limited to, Speedpass service, if applicable) provided to the Cardmember by ExxonMobil (whether through its Affiliates, operator(s) of the Esso-branded service stations in Singapore ("Esso Stations"/"Esso"), other third party service provider(s) or otherwise). The "Personal Data" that ExxonMobil may collect includes, but is not limited to, the Cardmember's name, NRIC number, contact information, and transactional data.

(b) The Cardmember agrees that the Personal Data may be used by ExxonMobil for the purposes of: (i) creating and maintaining the Cardmember's Smiles account and managing his/her continued participation in the Programme as well as other reasonable purposes relating to the Programme; (ii) verifying the Cardmember's identity and eligibility to participate in the Programme; (iii) providing the Cardmember with services and benefits under the Programme (including, but not limited to, Speedpass service, if applicable); (iv) contacting the Cardmember about his/her Smiles account and suspension/termination of the Programme and details of any replacement programme (if applicable); (v) providing the Cardmember with customer service generally or other services requested by the Cardmember (including, but not limited to, Speedpass service); (vi) for statistical analysis and market research purposes (including, but not limited to, customer profiling purposes); (vii) developing general enhancements to the Programme or other benefits and services provided by ExxonMobil to its Cardmembers and other customers; and (viii) devising promotions (fuels and non-fuels) for its customers generally or specifically for some or all of its Cardmembers.

(c) ExxonMobil may obtain the Personal Data from, and/or provide or transfer the Personal Data to, the operator(s) of the Esso Stations, its Affiliates and third parties that provide (whether directly or otherwise) administrative, business and operational support or marketing, research, data storage/processing, telemarketing, telecommunications, IT, payment or other services to ExxonMobil and its Affiliates (collectively, "Specified Third Parties") in connection with the purposes stated in Paragraph (b) above and in Paragraph (d) below (if applicable) within or outside Singapore. ExxonMobil may also disclose, within or outside Singapore, the Cardmember's Personal Data to any proposed or actual partner, participant, assignee or transferee of any part or all of ExxonMobil's operation or business (including without limitation, the Programme) and to its professional consultants (including, but not limited to, auditors, insurers and legal advisors). When Personal Data is transferred out of Singapore in connection with any of the foregoing, ExxonMobil will require the recipients to keep the Personal Data confidential and use the same only for legitimate purposes, and to accord the Personal Data protection comparable to the protection under Singapore's Personal Data Protection Act ("PDPA"). In addition, ExxonMobil may disclose the Cardmember's Personal Data in accordance with the provisions of the PDPA (including all subsidiary legislation made thereunder), or where otherwise required by law.

(d) The Cardmember also agrees that ExxonMobil may use the Personal Data to provide the Cardmember with marketing materials relating to fuels-related promotions or any services available at any or all of the Esso Stations, its loyalty programmes, discount card programmes, bank card programmes, private label card programmes, fleet card programmes and other petroleum-related programmes developed by ExxonMobil from time to time, as well as marketing materials relating to any convenience store promotions at any or all of the Esso Stations (collectively, "Marketing Materials"). ExxonMobil may transfer the Personal Data to the Specified Third Parties for the purpose of providing Marketing Materials to the Cardmember. ExxonMobil will not disclose the Personal Data to other third parties for marketing by such third parties without the Cardmember's consent.

(e) The Cardmember may require ExxonMobil or any of the persons stated in Paragraph (d) not to use the Personal Data for direct marketing purposes by ticking the appropriate box in the Smiles/Speedpass application form when submitting the completed form to any Esso Stations for his/her registration. The Cardmember may also choose to opt-out of receiving the Marketing Materials by calling the Smiles Customer Service hotline at 1800-300-8888 during its operating hours or through other modes notified to the Cardmember. The Cardmember will cease to receive the Marketing Materials within thirty (30) days after receipt of his/her request to opt out.

(f) "Affiliates" refer to all entities that are within the ExxonMobil group of companies which provide administrative, business and operational support or other services to ExxonMobil. "Cardmember" refers to a Smiles member.

(g) This Notification may be revised from time to time by ExxonMobil, and the latest version of this Notification will be available on the Smiles website at: The Cardmember shall be deemed to have read and accepted all revisions to this Notification within three (3) days of the posting of the same on the Smiles website. By participating in the Programme, the Cardmember shall consent, is deemed to have consented, to the collection, use, and disclosure of his/her Personal Data as set out in this Notification or as may be set out in any subsequent revised versions of the same

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